David G. Walker is a British pianist, singer and composer (born 1946) based in London and sometime Victoria, Australia, known for his distinctive performances of rock and roll classics, original songs and church worship songs.

   David grew up in Stamford, Lincolnshire, U.K. attending Stamford School. His first live performance was at the local Methodist youth club with trumpeter Ian Starsmore. Then, with guitarist Peter Banks, fronting the 'Slendermen' at school dances.  Their first major concert in December 1964 included a song by soul legend Sam Cooke, during which news came on the radio of Cooke's murder in Los Angeles.

  While studying at university and qualifying as a secondary schoolteacher, David became a church organist, wrote a number of choral settings and chants, dabbled in folk with a residency at King's Lynn Folk Club, and led several small bands (Shades of Harmony, Tristars, Millionaires).  He made his first pop singles for independent labels, including 'GCE for Love', 'First Class Faker' and 'Jane', collaborating with Parisian songwriter Nicolas Bensaid.  Teaching in Victoria, Australia, David continued writing and performing across the state with rock group 'Apollo 5', led by guitarist Geoff Stobie.

   Back in the UK, David continues to perform at hundreds of venues and to write and record his own music and others' material, and collaborates on musical shows including those with author George Taylor.  The album '2.55', for instance, features new songs alongside old music hall and show favourites.


    David performs solo and with bands mainly around London and the Home Counties. His albums 'Getting Somewhere', 'Is That Your Picture?' and others include collaborations with guitarist-producer Rob Marshall of Nostairway Creative, Mark Dawson of Purple Zeppelin, and other leading musicians such as Stan Sheppard, drums, Rob Ogleby, sax, Chris Rodricks, guitar, and Ashley Mills, drums, along with Australians Nicky Del Rey (Slow Town Social Club, Jack Howard & the Long Lost Brothers, Actual Reality), Lisa Miller, Mark Ferrie (The Models, Actual Reality), Graham Lee (The Triffids) and Tony Thornton.

Selected discography

Albums: Tender Zone (2003) - Glad that You left me (2005) - Gotta Get Up (2006) - So Many Sunlit Days (2007) - Go with the Flow (2009) - Daylight (2011) - It All Takes Time (2013) - New Star (2014) - Guiding Light (2016) - Download Your Worries to Me (2017) - Tender Zone (2018) - Is That your Picture? (2019) - Getting Somewhere (2020) - 2.55 (2020).

EPs & Singles: Glenferrie Tram (1976) - Cisco at the Disco (1985) - Everyone was a Baby (2000) - Rest of my Millennium (2000) - Ain't that a Shame (2004) - A Million Light Years (2008) - Ships that pass in the Night (2011) - TLCASAP (with Truckies) (2012)

Theatre and Church Music: A Goodly Manor for a Song - Music for the Stamford Shakespeare Company Summer Season at Rutland Theatre (2000) - And That's a Fact (Road to Emmaus) (2007) - Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei (2008) - Greatest in the Kingdom; Build Your Treasure (2020)